Nail Extensions

At Victoria Beauty we really do specialise in all types of nail enhancement. If you are very particular with the quality of nail treatments then look no further.

We have hundreds of super happy clients to date and for just a small example of our work see our portfolio here 



Full Set of Acrylic/Gel Tips£28
Full Set of Acrylic/Gel Glitter Tips£30
Full Set of Acrylic Sculptures£32
Acrylic/Gel Natural Overlays£23
Gel French Polish Toes£22
Acrylic/Gel Removal (prior to new set)

Acrylic/Gel Removal and tidy



Acrylic/Gel Repair£2.50
Shellac Gel PolishPrice
Shellac Gel Polish£22
Nail ArtPrice
Paint Art (per nail)£1
Gems (per nail)£1

Nail Enhancements can be applied to any natural nail to enhance the length, strength and look. This can be done using either gel or acrylic. Acrylic and gel nails have very similar results and finishing touches like polishing and nail art can be achieved.

CND Shellac Gel the original system that delivers 14 + days of flawless wear, superior colour and mirror shine with zero dry time and no nail damage.

Acrylic Nails are very good for nail enhancements as they are very strong and bond very well to the natural nail. They have been around alot longer than gel nails so tend to be the more popular option. Removal process is simple and straight forward when done by a professional, they are soaked off instead of filed.

Gel Nails have a more natural thinner appearance with a glossy finish. Gel are not as strong as acrylic nails however are less damaging to the natural nail. Gel mixture is odorless and there is less filing involved during application. These cannot be soaked off like acrylic and have to be filed.

Acrylic Sculptures are like tips, they add length but instead of adding tips the free edge is built up using acrylic. Sculptures are best recommended for short bitten nails as tips may not bond to the nail. These can have a natural, white or glitter tip finish.

Natural Overlays can be done in acrylic or gel, and great if you want to add strength to your natural nail to keep from damage or breaking. Again can be done with French white or glitter finish.

Nail Art and Gems are a great way to add colour and creation to your nail enhancements. Make them stand out with flowers, bows, flicks and polka dots.